Care Coordinator

Location: Little Rock, AR
Date Posted: 07-12-2018

Care Coordinator:
Filling various positions throughout the state of Arkansas

 Care Coordinator is responsible for initiating contact with members within 15 days of their attribution to organization and must assist the individual in selecting a Primary Care Physician or providing a referral to a Primary Care Physician. Care Coordinators are responsible for implementing and monitoring the Total Plan of Care (TPOC) for up to 50 members with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities including those served on the Community and Employment Waiver and/or Behavioral Health disabilities on his/her caseload. To assure that member services are being provided consistent with their TPOC, care coordinators must have face-to-face contact with the members at least once each month. Care Coordinators work directly with the individual member, their families and/or guardians and other members of their circle of support to assure that members’ health, safety and service needs are met.
Depending on the member’s needs, the Total Plan of Care may include, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Behavioral Health Treatment Plan;
  • Person Centered Service Plan for Waiver Members;
  • Primary Care Physician Care Plan;
  • Individualized Education Program;
  • Individual Treatment Plans for members with developmental disabilities in day habilitation programs;
  • Nutrition Plan;
  • Housing Plan;
  • Any existing Work Plan;
  • Justice system-related Plan;
  • Child Welfare Plan; and
  • Medication Management Plan.
For members with Developmental Disabilities receiving services and supports through the Community and Employment Support (CES) Waiver, Care Coordinators are responsible for providing case management services consistent with current practices.
Responsibilities include:
  • Meeting with assigned members in person at least once a month and more frequently when needed;    
  • Coordinating and arranging CES waiver and other state plan services;
  • Identifying and accessing services to meet member’s medical, social, educational needs;
  • Supporting the member in the use of generic, informal community supports;
  • Monitoring and reviewing services to ensure member’s health and safety, that all plan services are being delivered, and that progress or lack thereof on goals and objectives is documented and interventions are in place to address progress issues;
  • Logging contacts and attempts to contact members, including ‘hard-to-find’ members;
  • Facilitating crisis intervention;
  • Conducting appropriate needs assessments and referrals for resources;
  • Assisting members to obtain Medicaid waiver eligibility and ICF/IID Level of Care eligibility determinations;
  • Ensuring behavior and  assessment reports, continued plans of care, needed revisions, documentation required for ICF/IID Level of Care and Medicaid Waiver eligibility determinations are submitted according to mandated timelines;
  • Connecting members to group and/or self-advocacy services as they request;
  • Assisting members receiving DDS or DHS denial notices, including helping with reconsideration and appeals;
  • Assisting the member with moving between service settings;
  • Assisting members without a Primary Care Provider (PCP) with PCP selection and/or referrals;
  • Providing follow-up within seven (7) days of a member’s emergency room or urgent care clinic visit or admission to an acute inpatient psychiatric facility; ensuring discharge instructions are followed including scheduling of follow-up medical appointments;
  • Assisting the member to remain in the most appropriate and least restrictive setting(s).
  • Comply with Conflict Free Case Management rules, as well as all applicable rules and regulations within the Arkansas PASSE Medicaid Provider Manual, Section II, 240.000, the Arkansas PASSE Care Coordination Agreement, Arkansas Insurance Department, Arkansas Medicaid, and other applicable Medicaid Manuals and updates.
Candidates for the position of Care Coordinator for PASSE members must meet the following qualifications (PASSE Manual, Section II, 242.000):
  • Must have a bachelor’s degree in a social science or health-related field
Have at least one (1) year of experience working with individuals with developmental, intellectual, or behavioral health disabilities;
  • Successfully complete a background check, that includes a criminal background and child and adult maltreatment registry check;
  • Successfully pass an initial drug screen prior to providing care coordination and working directly with PASSE members;
  • Successfully pass an annual drug screen to continue to be allowed to provide care coordination; and
  • Cannot be excluded or debarred under any state or federal law, regulation or rule or not eligible or prohibited to enroll as a Medicaid provider.
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